Jetpacks, Google Cars, Betamax, Star Wars & Relationships #friday5

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My picks from this week

1. Google Cars in Trouble With the Law

Google’s self driving cars, it appears, are not above the law. On Thursday one of the autonomous vehicles was pulled over by the cops in Mountain View, California for driving too slowly.

Needless to say, the cops didn’t write it a ticket.

Source: Gizmodo

2. The End of Betamax


If, like me, you thought Betamax had died years ago, then this came as suprising news this week. It turns out that Sony had been continuing to make Betamax tapes even though the format had pretty much died out in the 1980’s when it lost out in the video tape format wars to the more popular VHS format.

The old girl did last quite a long time however. Having been introduced in 1975, Sony had kept the format alive (the tapes at least) for 40 years!

Source: CNET

3. Jetpacks for Firefighters


Dubia, a city known for its over-the-top everything, has decided that a city of extremes needs a corresponding extreme firefighting force. As a result, the fire department of the city’s Civil Defence Force is to be issued with Jetpacks to help them fight fires in those hard to reach parts of some of the worlds tallest skyscrapers.

I hope this is real and not just some sort of PR stunt.

Source: Gizmodo

4. Breaking up is hard to do (not anymore)


If you’re feeling an unhappy in a relationship but you can’t face ending it in person yourself, then help is at hand. There’s an app for that, or.. Yes, starting from only $10, specialist service The Breakup Shop will deal with this difficult situation for you. A number of delivery options are available from a basic text or email right up to having this done by a real person. The latter costing slightly more.

Also, if you like doing this the company are hiring “Heartbreakers”. Apply here (one of your duties will be try to upsell the recipients of the sad news by sending them to the company’s gift shop. Commissions available).

Source: The Next Web

5. Star Wars Gets a New Trailer

And finally, there’s a new trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens out. Watch the 60 second TV spot below.

Source: Wired


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